Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Elizabeth of " The Last Door Down the Hall" has written an eloquent testament to her father.

I lost my father at 20 and my mother would go on to raise 5 children on her own. She never remarried, never even dated. She became both father and mother.

Parents have such an impact on us, whether for good or not. To lead by example, to nurture, to love - we should all be blessed with parents like Elizabeth"s.

Many years ago I heard someone stating that children should be happy, carefree, well loved. As a teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience, I must say I do not see many children like that in our schools. Children have too many burdens and worries. Many come to school not knowing how to print their names, count, recognize colours or how to socialize with other children. Many have shorter attention spans and don't enjoy reading or even listening to stories. They are used to TV and video games entertaining them . In their short lives they may have experienced little praise, love, affection, bonding, fun activities with parents and siblings.
Parenting is a privilege. Children are precious souls. We should be ensuring that all children receive nurturing and care. Neglect, whether physical or emotional, should be a criminal charge.

Well. I will get off my soapbox now! (I feel very strongly about early childhood education and the need for good parenting skills.)


Leone said...

I so understand what you are saying, Bev. I consider myself so lucky to have grown up in North Vancouver when is was still mostly woods. We spent all of our time outdoors running through the neighbourhood playing. I see so many children in my travels around the city who look so pale and unhappy. You can tell the ones that are neglected emotionally. The advent of TV, computers and computer games are not necessarily a positive thing, children are not learning social skills and are like little atomatons. It must be very hard to see this every day as school teacher. At least your students have a teacher who is aware and understanding. Lucky them! Thanks for your comments on my blog they are much appreciated. It's hard to express those feelings socially, so my blog is a good outlet.

Rose said...

I so agree....

Leone said...

Hi Bev, Yes I belong to Creative Every Day, that's where I found you. I had difficulty thinking of things to do relating to sound and this one works. Thanks for the thought.