Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

This past week I focused on two February challenges: 29 Faces and Pattern Play. Both are fun, quick and easy to fit in during the day. I am trying to spend more time writing and reading so these challenges allow for a break from that.

29 Faces:
I have been using faces from magazines for inspiration and have tried sketching:

and watercolour

Pattern Play
Here are three of my latest:

using paper scraps

using gelli paper scraps



We have a winter wonderland outside this morning - icy trees and a layer of ice on the ground. I think we will be staying inside!

From the porch.

From the front door.

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Unknown said...

It looks as if you have been very creative (and busy!) this week. :-) I love your mandala!

Lisabella Russo said...

Very creative and full of energy pieces! Love the photographs too!

Kate Robertson said...

A week full of wonderful art. Love the doodle. Thanks for linking.