Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Love Story - at JRU

Today at Studio JRU, my love story is being posted.  All of February Jen is highlighting God inspired love stories.It was fun to write  - really made me appreciate the great odds that we would even meet, let alone marry.

How God Brought  Us Together  


God’s hand was guiding us from the very beginning of our relationship.

In early 2000, I went online to meet and chat with people through ICQ. I had been separated for 2 years but had no desire to get serious about anyone.

As I read names, LIONHEART appeared and I instantly messaged him.  I love all things medieval and the name appealed to me.

Bill and I chatted online then and for the next few weeks, learning more and more about each other. But then, I dropped all the people I had on my list, including Bill.

It would be a couple of months until I returned to ICQ. Bill saw me on his list and messaged me. We went back to chatting online and then we were phoning. We finally met in late August for a lunch date. This lead to other dates, until finally by Christmas we knew we wanted to be together permanently.

The following spring, Bill was told he needed to seek a living donor as his kidneys were failing (he had polysystic kidneys).   I had gone with him to his appointment and I asked the doctor to be tested.

The testing took over a year, as we were still living 2 hours apart,  but I was finally okayed as a match.  In the meantime, Bill had to go on dialysis (Feb. ’02),  and we got married. (July ’02), both of us aged 50.

The transplant took place June 2003 and it was a success.

We have now been married 10 ½ years and Bill’s kidney is working well. 

We truly feel we were brought together by God. The chances of meeting online as we did,  were extremely low.  But his name caught my eye and he responded. Neither of us wanted to get married, but God definitely knew we needed to be together. What were the odds that I would be a match for his kidney? Yet we met and I was a match.

We thank God often for bringing us together.

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