Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

Time once again to recap what I have done in the previous week.

I started a course (She Had Three Hearts) with Christy Tomlinson and am loving it. There is sooo much information, just in the first week alone. The concept of a woman having 3 hearts is intriguing and besides journaling about this I am learning new techniques. I have been watching the videos (28 for the first week alone!), so have only done a bit of experimenting. More next week!

Summer of Colour

This week at "Twinkle Twinkle" for the "Summer of Color" we were to work with orange. I worked on the colour collage and the tints as usual. I am really enjoying this and I am going to use this with my Grade 3s as their intro to colour.

I created another abstract with colour, using some of the techniques from the course. I love the play and unpredictability of abstract.

The Artist's Way

Paula of "Happy Snappy" is hosting a book group working through "The Artist's Way".

I completed the rest of the tasks for Chapter 2. Some of the tasks I rushed through (affirmations, imaginary lives), but several really gave insights. Creating the pie chart really made me see how lopsided some areas of my life are.

I created a list of 20+ favourite activities in my 60 lists book - and I am hoping to add more than the 2 Julia Cameron suggests.

The biggest timewasters for me is being on the computer -blogging (too bad, because I love visiting great blogs) and playing computer games.

I am also going to work on the "Ten Tiny Changes" and try to do one a week.

This week I aim to finish my art room (it's not a studio yet!) With my hubby away for a couple of days this weekend, I attacked the back room and moved out a bed and junk and carted up my art supplies yesterday. Now I will start organizing and setting it up so that I can work upstairs and be able to leave work out, without having to put everything away. This was a major event for me. I am counting this as my artist's date this weekend as it has been my dream for a long time. Yeah!!! I'll post pictures once I am finished.


I have been working on 2 swaps and have 6 out of 8 cards done. Most are collage. This coming week I need to finish 2 other swaps as I will be on holidays soon.

(Whimsical Cat and Birdhouse, Blackbird)


Again, flowers and skies were an attraction.

Our baby robins were a daily draw though, and today I got the last photos of them, as they flew the coop, so to speak. I'm sorry to see them go.

The last one to leave perched on the edge of the ladder for the longest time, as if afraid to try its wings. Makes one think about how we face our fears. The mother bird sat on the roof and chirped a lot, as if to encourage him. And then he was gone.


carol l mckenna said...

Great recap and such a creative week! Love all your creations ~ Over from Creative Everyday and do hope you will come by my blogs Share the Creative Journey and A Creative Harbor ~

Have a wonderfully creative week ~ ^_^ Carol

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Great recap. Sounds like you are working hard.

Anonymous said...

wow,, such beautiful work and so much going on.Its such a pain putting things away all the time,, I had my own studio for years but now we are retired we have moved into an apartment and its just like the good old days,, everything on the dining room table but as the crcle of life goes on its no surprise,, only difference is I don't have three little ones asking for my attention,, or all the joyful work that come with,,, enjoy your space I can't wait to see the work that will come from this new space,, I'm joining as a follower ,,

Netty said...

Great collage for the Summer of Colour Orange. Sounds as if you are very busy, have fun. x

Ginny said...

What a wonderful artist's date. I am sure you will enjoy your new space so much. I love seeing all of your work each week. The pictures of the flowers are great.

Mandy said...

As usual so many prettiest to look at...your photos are beautiful and your orange work is is s great colour...I'm sure your 3rd graders will love

Kristin said...

Another wonderful post - and my favorite? The fact that you are going to do similar exercises with your class! Your Oranges are beautiful, thank you for sharing them with us, xo

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Your blog could be considered my own artist´s date every week! So much delightful art to enjoy.
Yay for you and your new art space! Have fun creating.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, as always!

I can't wait to see the pictures of the results of your Artist's Date studio creation.

Way to hang in there with the tasks. I've given myself permission to only do one per chapter, if that is all I can handle that week. Don't know how you did so much!

Anne Butera said...

Great post! You are doing so much! Just hearing about the creation of your studio is exciting to me! I hope you share some more about it! What fun, even if it is a lot of work.

Love the photos of those lilies. Don't they smell heavenly? Too bad we can't capture scents!

Your baby robins are sweet. We had some nesting in our potting shed earlier in the summer and the baby swallows that were nesting on our front porch just flew the coop last week. They were so much fun to watch and I'm glad that they've been continuing to have flying lessons around our house. Hope you see your robins around, too!

Liette alias Pixelle said...

you make me falling under my chair when I look at your creation...oh and the blue birds are amazing...

Unknown said...

I enjoy your art every week. I too will miss the Summer of Color and seeing pictures of the Robins.