Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book Whisperer - Chapter 5

"The Book Whisperer" by Donalyn Miller has caught me in its web. I am almost finished reading it, and will have to reread it I am sure!

To be validated in what and how you teach is wonderful. I keep agreeing with her on so many things.

Chapter 5, "Walking the Walk", really stresses the need for both parents and teachers to be reading role models for their children.

I always start the year with a sharing of our favourite books. I bring in many that I have read over the summer and old favourites. Each child gets to share their fav. book and then they are on display for a couple of weeks. I draw a name several times each day during this time and read that child's book. There is always a discussion about that book as well.

I have several bookcases and boxes of books that are just waiting to be read. I always have several on the go. And still I buy more books. Books are essential to me - I would be lost without books.

I try to share my love of reading with my students right from the beginning of the year. I read aloud a lot in the first few weeks, mostly picture books. Then I begin chapter books and read every day after second break. The children soon know the routine and they come in anxious to hear more of the story. I usually start with Judy Moody and Gooney Bird . Then I move onto several of Kate Di Camillo's books - Because of Winn Dixie and "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane." I want their heads and hearts to connect with the story. We have had tears and shouts of "No, she can't die" with Edward's Journey. I expect nothing more from these read alouds than to be caught up in the story and to be able to discuss as we go along.

Another book that I found helpful was "Reading Essentials by Regie Routman. Her Chapter 3 was on "Sharing your Reading Life"

I have to share a bit of my reading life:

I finished a tremendous book last night, "Bury Your Dead" by Louise Penny. It is the "One Book, One Community" book for Waterloo Region this year. I was so caught up in it, I read late and finished it last night. If you like mysteries you'll love this. Once I had finished, I found out that this was no. 6 in a series, with no. 7 coming out the end of Aug. Guess what I will be tracking down soon?

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