Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer of Colour - Pink

This past week has gone quickly and busily. Last full week of school! Now only 4 more days to go!

I worked a bit on the "Summer of colour" challenge this weekend - pink was the week's colour. I do love this colour but was a bit surprised that I did not have many pinks in acrylic paints.

I did my usual - colour collage of different pieces cut from magazines and then playing with paint. (the colours are off - these really are meant to be pink!)

(adding white paint a bit at a time to the strips at the right)

(with acrylic paints and an old credit card)

(this was with watercolours - and it really was pink!)

Be sure to check out the others at "Twinkle Twinkle" for their responses to the pink challenge.

The postal strike is still on and so I have not been working on ATCs. I seem to need that deadline!

The gov't, in their infinite wisdom, passed a bill on Saturday ordering the postal union back to work, but with conditions that are less than were offered by Canada Post. The unions in this country will not be pleased at this blatant attack on unions. Harper has his majority - he is determined to steamroll what he wants through parliament. (Sorry! This is a bit of a rant! - I have been writing several letters to the editor this week!)


I have been out with my camera - the flowers are gorgeous right now as are the skies. I love the drama of clouds and there have been plenty!

(Flowers from our gardens)

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Kristin said...

What a beautiful post - love your colors and textures and your photography is just stunning. Thank you for sharing this with us - and please feel free to link to pink week if you have not already done so ;) xo