Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting toknow - Me

Even though I am a teacher, mention education and have that word in my heading, I have not actively pursued teaching blogs until recently. The new blog- read coming up on "The Book Whisperer" intrigues me and I am looking forward to joining in.

At "The Thinking of Teaching" blog, there was an interesting interview with Donalyn Miller (author of the Book Whisperer). & questions were asked of her. Then it was turned around, asking readers to respond to the questions as well. So here goes:

1) What is your favourite book (or series) from childhood?

One of my favourite books from childhood was Anne of Green Gables. I always sought a "Kindred spirit" after that. I read most of her other books as well. I loved "Elsie Dinsmore" as well.

2) What is your favourite book (or series) now?

I have read all of the books by Sue Grafton and eagerly await the next in the series. I enjoy a number of series: Kathy Reichs, Diana Gabaldon, JK Rowling, and Jodi Piccoult. But every book I read becomes a new favourite. There are so many great authors and books to read.

3) What is your opinion of e-readers?

I still love to hold a book, physically turn the pages, hold it. I like to mark special passages, and write in the date read. An e-reader just seems too impersonal. I can't imagine curling up on the couch with an e-reader.

4) Finish this sentence: "On Sundays I like to..."

On Sundays I like to read, visit friends, but mostly, relax.

5) Describe yourself in 5 words!

Teacher - reader - artist - caring - patient

6) Hardcover or paperback? Why?

If it is a fast read or holiday read, then a pocketbook. But If I know I will keep it, and savour it, then a hardcover.

7) Coffee or Tea?

Tea for sure. I don't drink coffee at all! A cup of tea at the start of the day and after supper relaxes me.

If you would like to answer the questions, pick them up here and then post your response there as well.


teri said...

Bunny, I loved Anne too, and I'm still always happy to find a kindred spirit. I'd love to go to Prince Edward Island -- I heard there is a Lucy Maude Montgomery museum there.

Beth said...

Thanks for joining in with the linky party! Anne of Green Gables and Diana Gabaldon are my favourites as well, we have a lot in common it seems. I am excited to have you as part of our read along!