Saturday, June 25, 2011

Artist's Way Contract

It is time to commit to the Artist's Way. I have started several times - I want to finish it now!

Paula of "HappySnappy" has started a blog read of "The Artist's Way" (by Julia Cameron).

The first step is to sign the contract and commit to an intensive journey through the 12 chapters of the book.

The Introduction had us begin the habit of writing morning papers and having an artist date each week. I haven't achieved the 3 pages a day yet (I fit in some writing whenever I can), but as school finishes this week, I aim to faithfully do those pages each morning. The artist's dates have been finding a bigger chunk of time to create art.

The contract can be found on page 23.

At 12:58 a.m. Sunday, I signed the contract - ready to begin this adventure!

Chapter 1 starts Monday June 27. If you want to join, there will be lots of support here.


Kim Switzer said...

Hi Bev! Glad to see you on this journey.

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your encouraging words on my "starting over" post. Best of luck to both of us on that! :)

ileana said...

Good luck to you, Bev! This week I will find time for an artist date and will post about it afterwards. Should be interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Good luck, Bev, and nice to meet you! I'm excited, too, and I look forward to this journey with you and everyone on it.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Yay for you Bev! You are on your way, your way.
Thanks for the link the my blog, we´ll have fun together. :)

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Wow, we are on our way. Great to be on the journey with you.