Monday, July 19, 2010

Best Shot Monday

At Best Shot Monday, they are celebrating summer!
There have been so many hot, glorious summer days in July so far and we have had several short trips to enjoy this weather. This past weekend we spent in Tweed - a small town 30 minutes north of Belleville. My hubby and his son spent long mornings on a fishing boat, while his wife and I spent the time exploring little shops and the beach with their little one!
Nothing like seeing things through the eyes of a 15 month year old!
One spot we explored was a park with small falls. You could easily walk across the large rocks. I stayed on the shore and was the photographer - the young family walked across and sat in the water. The little one loved it!
There was a lone heron in the water and he just moved a bit if they got too close!
Nothing like rushing water, sky and bird for being close to nature!


Lis said...

Oh I love these Beverly! Especially the heron. We used to live near a lake and it was so thrilling to see one flying/gliding overhead.

I need summer to SLOW DOWN so I can savor it all!

xo Lis

Cara said...

I like the heron shot, it not easy shooting wildlife.

Kelly Warren said...

beautiful shots! i love the rush of the water.

Leone said...

Beautiful photos. Sounds like a wonderful time.