Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Citar

Ever since listening to Rafe Esquith at a conference over a week ago, his words and beliefs have been percolating in my mind. I bought his book "Teach Like Your Hair is On Fire" (what an image!) and read it.

For Sunday Citar this week I would like to share some of his wisdom - not only does it apply to teaching but to how we parent and treat others.

"I want my students to love to read. Reading is not a subject. Reading is a foundation of life, an activity that people who are engaged with the world do all the time. ... If a child is going to grow into a truly special adult - someone who thinks, considers other points of view, has an open mind, and possesses the ability to discuss great ideas with other people - a love of reading is an essential foundation."

"...if we ask great things of our children, we must show them we believe great things are possible. Make every effort to remove fear from your classroom. Be fair. Be reasonable."

"... never use fear as a shortcut for education. '

Rafe uses Lawrence Kohlberg's Six Levels of Moral Development to teach children what he wanted them to learn.

"I quickly incorporated the Six Levels into my class, and today they are the glue that holds it together. Trust is always the foundation, but the Six Levels are the building blocks that help my kids grow as both students and people."

Here is a video clip from a lecture he gave. Check it out here.
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Leone said...

What fortunate students you have! I wish I had had a teacher like you when I was a child and I wish I had had that kind of knowledge when I was raising my children. The best I could find was Dr. Spock.

Unknown said...

I love that you are so committed to making sure your students love learning and enjoy reading. You are the kind of teacher that makes me smile!

Heckety said...

Yes and yes! wouldn't you love to paint up the quote about removing fear on the front of every school in the country??

septembermom said...

Your students are very lucky to have you. These quotes are wonderful! Have a great week :)