Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Summary

Sunday brings a summary of sorts of the past week. I have been working on completing my tags for "Spread the Joy" and for my giveaway. I had received a beautiful tag from Sherry (Everyday Possibilities) that started this journey of Spread the Joy.

The quote on the tag is so lovely: "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world." Bill Wilson

As well I have been working on ATCs for 2 swaps.
Not feeling this week has had me creating more as I didn't feel like doing much else!
When I drew the names for "Spread the Joy", I realized that the aim of this challenge is -to spread the joy! So I decided to send a friendship tag to all the women who had commented on that post. So a tag will be on its way to:
Leone, Gillian, Paper Princess, Heckety, Coralie and Angie.


I finally finished my 200th post cards and they are on their way to:
Coralie,Bevie and Kamana. Congratulations!

ABCs of Art

I had said last week that I would be looking at Cubism this past week. I explored some sites and had my hand at creating some faces at a Picasso site for fun. (

Check out these sites:

I then created "The Eyes Have It" - a take off of Picasso's abstract faces. I used pastels - messy but colourful. It may not be strictly cubist, but it is where the muse led me! lol

Next week the focus will be on D - for drawing. My goal is a drawing a day.


June said...

Ohhh i love your art work and collage. I havent blogged properly in ages but glad i did today
hugs June xxxvedne

Heckety said...

sounds to me like you've been having great fun!

Leone said...

You amaze me with the amount of art you produce, there is always soomething new to look at. Exploring the artists and creating something representational of their art looks like so much fun and I am enjoying see what you come up with.

septembermom said...

You are very talented. I love the lines and color. It must be very rewarding to give yourself these art challenges. We benefit from seeing your work too :)

Kelly said...

Your art cards are so fun!

Lis said...

I am hopping over from Art Journal Love Letters ...

Your postcards are fantastic! I love the whimsy, the playfulness of the male cards and such wonderful polar bears! The ATC's are really tempting me to indulge in a new "habit." Last year I did tags and it was such a fun project.

Thanks for all the eye candy!