Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ABC Wednesday - E is for Exemplary Educator

This week at ABC Wednesday the letter of focus is E.
For me, E means exemplary educator.

In this case the educator is Rafe Esquith, who I heard speak last week at a teachers’ conference in Toronto. Then read his book over the weekend (“Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire”) and was further enamoured of him and his teaching!

Other words could be used to describe him:
(All right, I’ll stop! I could go on though – but I think you get the message! Lol

To check out this fascinating man and his classroom visit here.


Stine in Ontario said...

Sounds wonderful! I wish all teachers taught like their hair were on fire!

Sylvia K said...

Yes, it would be wonderful if all teachers taught like their hair was on fire!! Young people are surely more inclined to learn in that kind of an atmosphere! Great post for the day, Beverly! Have a great week!


photowannabe said...

Love the title of the book. He does sound like the kind of teacher I wish I had had.

Diann said...

What wonderful praise for a teacher! it is great to hear that. We need more like him.

Tumblewords: said...

I've heard of him and his book. I'll look at the links and learn more - thanks!

Shannon said...

love the words...how about enlivened?
thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

Jay said...

I have never heard of this man, but you have an impressive collection of E words to describe him!

On behalf of the team, thank you for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! :)

jabblog said...

He certainly is inspiring. I followed the link and learnt a little about him. Would that all children could have dedicated and imaginative teachers like him.

annies home said...

wonderful teachers are everlasting gifts

LeAnn said...

Thanks for your post, you have inspired me!

Roger Owen Green said...

Very effusive praise!