Monday, July 27, 2009

A to D Cards, Watermelon Award

Last night was another night when sleep wouldn't come easily. So I got up and ended up creating - much better than eating!!

I decided to create postcard size affirmation cards to go with the journal pages. I even added a second "D" card as I needed a reminder that I need to dance!

Watermelon 10 Award

The lovely Angie, from Angie's Art Time, has bestowed on me the Watermelon 10 Award. I had seen it on numerous blogs but had not really known too much about it.

Angie, a fellow teacher, really made my day with her wonderfully kind words about me and my blog. Thanks Angie!

I believe that it is for people who share their creative spirit through their blog.

I pass this award along - in the spirit of "no obligation blogging" - to all the WTJ participants - for their joyous wrecking of their journals. It has been such a pleasure to journey with them on this wrecking journey of discovery and fun. (And only a week left!!!)

So ladies, grab the watermelon and post on your blogs - you all deserve it!!


Leone said...

That's funny, you collecting the books and supplies too. I love looking through all the books and dreaming about what I will do and marveling at what other people are doing.

Speaking of which, I love your idea of doing all the little cards, you are creating something that is managable and gives that feeling of satisfaction when you are finished.

Yes, the crazy weather. You are getting the rain we usually get and we are getting your humid heat. We deserve a nice summer and the last two have been rainy and cloudy, no spring or summer at all really but this is a bit much.

Take care, happy creating.

Kim said...

The affirmation cards are a wonderful idea. "Act - Just Do It" has become one of my matras during this journey. IT's been a pleasure wrecking with you!

Kara Chipoletti Jones of GriefAndCreativity dot com said...

Hi Bev! Not sure if you got my email reply about the "Grief: Finding Our Way" session -- sometimes my emails get thrown into spam in hotmail and yahoo, so people don't see them. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say I'm thinking of you. And if you didn't get my email, let me know.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the award, and congrats on being picked out and recognized yourself! and yes, all of us deserve it!

I adore those cards. What a great idea.

Anonymous said...

The affirmation cards are nice! Great idea!

Jamie Ridler said...

I love the concept of no-obligation blogging! Thanks for sharing the wonderful award with the entire wrecking crew!