Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Weekly Wrap Up

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up gives me a chance to highlight some of the work I have done this past week, especially for challenges.

The "Summer of Colour" challenge at "Twinkle, Twinkle" was a focus on brown. My first response was ugh! But I played with the colour and had fun with paint and altho I am not enamoured of the colour, it worked out okay in the end.

Here I used a piece of scrunched-up plastic to move brown paint around the page.

This was the usual magazine clips of brown and adding white paint to each layer. I am enjoying these 2 experiments each week.

With some leftover brown and white paint I splotched some ATC cards for backgrounds.

The Artist's Way"

We are halfway through Chapter 1 of "The Artist's Way". I have read through the chapter once but need to go back and reread more thoroughly.

I have started a quote booklet to help me keep track of favourite quotes.

Morning papers continue to be sporadic and done at different times. I am on summer break so my routines have been a wee bit mixed-up! Making lists for "52 Lists in 52 Weeks" (see previous post), made me realize I still have feelings of not being good enough. I have to work on those negative words.

My artist dates this past week have times to create. I am enjoying giving myself time to just play - with paint, and with collage.

I will work on the tasks this week and make more of an effort to do the morning papers.

Visit Paula's blog to connect with other members of this great group.


I had fun with the camera this week and was able to grab another shot of the 2 robin eggs. I still am amazed she laid 2 more eggs! (Sorry for the fuzziness - she was squawking at me from the fence as I hovered over her nest!)

Skies and flowers were again my main focus.


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Bev thanks for the comment. You will get better with your pages - it does get better. I know - bec. my first ones were hard to do and I just kept at it.

Anonymous said...

Love those flowers photos! And you're brave, potentially pissing off the Robin mama to get a pic of her eggs. So it's blurry, it's still a lovely photo and I don't blame you for wanting to get in and out of there as quick as possible.

Looks like you're like me, squeezing in several different projects in at once. I'm thinking if I can manage to do at least some of them all the way through, without getting all scatterbrained and sidetracked, they may actually work together in the end. Things in life have a way of working together to teach you what you need to know about yourself.

Keep on enjoying your Summer break. And YAY on starting a quote booklet!!

Ginny said...

I too am going to reread the first chapter and have also gotten a new journal to keep my favorite quotes in. This is a book that asks alot of the reader. I am going to do my best to keep up but I am not going to get upset with myself if I don't do it all. I think that may be impossible.

E Makes Art said...

Hi Bev! Great photos of flowers. And I really like your idea of a notebook for your favorite quotes. I think I should do that too, and The Artist's Way is full of SOOO many good quotes that I use it as a reference! And don't be too hard on yourself with the Artist's Way assignments...just do what you can and you'll still benefit from it.


Anne Butera said...

Looks like you had a great week!!

Kristin said...

What wonderful textures and colors you have created here - they will make fabulous backgrounds too. AND beautiful photography. Thank you for taking the time to share it all with us, xo

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

You are doing an impressive amount of art! So many different mediums and experiences. Very cool.
The artist´s way group is intended to get some good out of the book for ourselves at our own pace, not to stressed us out, so do what you want when you want and we´ll cheer for you all along. :)

Mandy said...

i scrunched up a tissue for my brown piece...its given yours a great effect...brown was tricky for me too, but we all seem to get it in the

Liette alias Pixelle said...

It looks like you are enjoying giving yourself time to play with paint and with collage...I like the result of your artist time...have a nice week and red creation to

Mixed Media/ Altered Crafts said...

Your Summer of Color Brown Pieces are both Fantastic & Inspirational! Tee

Stephanie said...

whew! you are a busy lady! I really like your paint experiments.

Sandi McLean said...

Your brown backgrounds are great. I too found it hard to be inspired by brown..had to stretch.

Unknown said...

Your background is off to a great start.. I read the book The Artiest way.. It was such a great book!!!
That was about 13 years ago.. I would love to read it again..