Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wreck This Journal

Well we are counting down to the end of our wrecking days! Only 2 more weeks after this. As I went through the journal this past week I was amazed at just what I had left to do: most of the writing! I love to write and yet I could not get down to long pages of writing about a boring time or activity!I took it with me to a reunion of former teachers and they had fun adding to some of the pages.

What did I do? I:

*drew with my left hand

*wrote with glue

*made some ugly drawings

*made a list of 16 other ways to wreck the journal

*decorated my journal's cover (I've added my name over this and did stamping on the front).

*and added to a number of pages, as well as adding pictures throughout the journal.

But although I didn't do as many pages or do as much destruction as I had planned, I was creative in other ways.

I am adding to my deck of cards and enjoying the process. (By the way, my first GIVEAWAY is up at midnight Friday - so swing by and give advice!)

I have also joined in several ATC swaps and am enjoying that as well. I'm creating Zentangles right now! It is so00 addictive.

Have a great week wrecking! Be sure to check out the other wreckers at Wreck This Journal.


Lawendula said...

The chewing teeth are awesome! Great!
Happy wrecking!

Leone said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Great wrecking as usual, in some ways I'm sorry I completely wrecked my journal but I am in the process of making something from it.
Thanks also for the link to the beautiful Luna giveaway, I have put my name in for it and for the Chelsea Rose giveaway. I am just going to check out the Zentangles. How do you find all this stuff?

Lisa said...

Those are some big scary teeth! Delightful.

When you do the pop-up page, please show us.

Your zentangles are gorgie too.

Leone said...

I checked out the Zentangles and realized those little pictures you've done Zentangles. Are you ordering the kit or just making your own?

Melinda said...

great wrecking!

Grammy said...

Awesome teeth! Happy wrecking.

Anonymous said...

Awesome artwork!
Love it!

Beverley Baird said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by.
Leone - I did not buy the kit ($50!) I just looked at the newsletter and a lot of them had different techniques. So I saved to my computer so I can refer back. As the ones I'm doing are small, I just had fun with it.
Kavindra and Grammy - those teeth are actually cones! When I saw them I knew where I had to put them. I am finding that I view ads in totally different ways now!
Melinda and Bohemian Mom - thanks for your kind words.
All of you are so very special.

mel said...

Delicious wreckage, as usual!! :)

Aren't zentangles addictive, though?!?! I do my own probably-not-correct version and learned by watching a YouTube video of some lady doing a mini-tutorial. yeah, you don't need to spend the fifty bucks!!

happy wrecking!!

judipatootie said...

love those gnarling teeth

Cheryl Finley said...

Oh Beverley,
You're up to such wonderful stuff! Everything is so inspiring...and those! At the Mandala Oasis Yahoo Group we have members who LOVE the zentagle process, and combine it with mandalas and get Zendalas! You're welcome to join us at any time, either actively...or a wallflower. The inspiration, support and creativity is overflowing there. You can check it out here:

As always, I'm delighted when you visit my blog. Keep creatin'... you never cease to inspire art, and sprit.
:) Cheryl

Jamie Ridler said...

I love those teeth! It's exciting to see how creativity likes to play once she's out and about :) Your cards are a really cool project. I'll look forward to seeing more!

Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THOSE CONES. I mean teeth. Jaws. Wahtever. super kewl. Keep on wrecking!!!!

Hybrid J said...

Love your cover. Great wreck work! :)

Unknown said...

I love the teeth too!
My kids and I did some zendalas not long ago, not sure the difference with zentangles..but here is ours:
It is so much fun trying new art forms, isn't it?

Genie Sea said...

Oh what fun! YUM! :) You really took a bite out of the journal this week! :)

Kim said...

Ice Cream cones as teeth - that's fantastic!! Looks like you've got some great ideas about other ways to wreck the journal. I'd like to see some of those!!

NatashaMay said...

The teeth are awesome. Great wrecking! :)

Anonymous said...

The glue in the shape of a butterfly looks nice. I noticed "do a pop up page" on your list of other ways to wreck the journal. That is a marvelous idea! Can't wait to see it. Happy wrecking!