Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WOYWW and ABC Wednesday - S

This week at ABC Wednesday, the letter is S.

S is for stamps and stencils.

For this journal page, I gessoed pages in an old music book, used the large writing stamp on the left in four spots and then used a stencil to add the word "Create" and then some flowers with modeling paste.
Stencils and stamps can be used in so many ways - and they are fun to use.


Time for the weekly sharing of our workspaces at Julia's "Stamping Ground" for WOYWW.
By the time I was finished the journal page, I had letter stamps and stencils, inkpads and daubers scattered around it.

While I let the first layers dry, I looked for a quote about creating and discovered this one by Dejan Stojanovic - it seemed appropriate.

One thing I did learn was to wait for the modeling paste to dry!


Mariane said...

Yes one have to learn how to be patience ;) I know that myself.

What a great Art journal page you made... Superb !

Thank you ever so much for sharing
Kind regards

Ann said...

I love this art form!! I stared ones long time ago but never finished it.
(Does take patience).

sandysewin said...

You can gently help the modeling paste to dry with a heat gun, just don't blast it or it will bubble.

Happy creating and happy woyww,

Sandy #26

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Great journaling spread, I do like your sentiments.

Love and hugs

Hildred said...

Good choice for S - inspiring post!

Roger Owen Green said...

looks like great fun!


Unknown said...

Love working with modeling paste! Great flower stencil. I like how you journaled on your page then stenciled over it. Diane #27

Scrapthology said...

A really interesting desk thanks for sharing.

Julia Dunnit said...

I love the florals stencilled in paste, what a lovely bit of texture for your page. You still work quite neat don't you, I don't really see 'scatter'!