Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Today is the day of the week where we share what we're working on and what the state of our work tables are at "Stamping Ground".

I've been working on a set of ATCs for a Pick a Theme swap. I like to use old stamps and if I can, stamps I've carved myself. You'll notice the snowman is one I carved.

(On organization tip - to the left is a small plastic bag that holds Christmas bits - stamps, pictures, old cards. I have bags for butterflies, horses, vintage, etc)

Here are the 4 cards I created:


Artatag said...

You are very well organized and I like your cards. That snowman stamp is awesome!
Gabriele 44

April said...

Great ATC's - looks like you have the holidays covered. :-) April #67

jill said...

The Halloween is my favourite atc , but all look cool .
Jill #14

Trubes said...

What creative ideas.
I have cut up old Christmas Cards and turned them into gift card tags, it kept the kids occupied for ages. I had them punch a hole on the edge of the tag and then thread some ribbon through them.
Best wishes,
ABCW team.

Kelly said...

Cute! I had not thought of the baggies. I am currently sorting all of my magazine clippings to go in pockets on my scraprack when I get it.For now they are in page protectors in an album. Creative Blessings! Kelly #56

Lisca said...

Oh well done you! You seem to have made ATCs out of playing cards. Good idea. I love the one with the ginger bread stars. Cut out from a magazine it looks like. Brilliant! I love a thrifty crafter!
The weather here in Spain has been awful. We've had terrible gales with the inevitable intermittent power outs for several days (we live out in the sticks) and of course no internet.... Not able to do any visits, just trying to catch up now.
Have a good week,