Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

Another week has passed and it is now fall, although with the weather we have had this past week, you'd think it was summer.
This past week my creative output was centred more on writing - to finish my novella for the "Easter Lilies" contest (which I did and sent off) and my novel for the SYTYCW contest for Harlequin. (If you're interested, here is my first chapter for reading at their website.I'd welcome feedback)

I had some ATCs to work on this week. The theme was Africa and I created the Africa stamp for the cards.

Fall Intentions Vision Board
Each season I try to create a vision board for the 3 months ahead. Here is mine ( and here is the link for a closer look)

I had to go through the garden yesterday and take some last shots of the flowers.

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Annette G said...

smashing collages and photos. Happy PPF, Annette x

Giggles said...

Love your first chapter...would love to read more! You asked for input so here are a few minor things you may want to look at!!

"though wagged his tail and made to go to her."

" Her eyes flew open and then she was then looking into the dark eyes of Gabe Weston. She still felt the warmth from his hand."
Thought you might want to reedit these two tiny sentences.

"Somebody had recently abused this woman." You don't really need this sentence...I've heard show not tell...and you already did it leaves a bit of mystique.

Wonderful job...wishing you all the best!!

Hugs Giggles

Jo said...

love your flower photography

Beth Niquette said...

How perfectly lovely. ((hugs))

froebelsternchen Susi said...