Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

I was able to do some creating and do some writing. I also read and connected with some friends. I am currently taking two writing courses and an art course. I have worked on all three through the week.

This art course involves journalling about our connections with God. As it says on their site:  "exploring what it means to be a person who makes things who believes she or he was, in turn, made by God."
We are creating an altered book and I have been preparing pages. 

We had to choose images that had meaning for us, glue down and gesso the pages. I will be working on the images this week.

52 Card - Altered Playing Card Challenge
This is a new challenge that started last week at Claudine's blog. The cards you see above were the first task - gesso the backs of a set of cards. It will be interesting to see in the weeks ahead what we will do with the cards.

I've been working on a number of sets of cards for swaps and trades at Atcs For All ( a fun place to share and create ATCs)

Using postage stamps:

Day of the Dead

Cats and Bugs

And of course, I took some photos of flowers in our garden - they won't be around much longer.

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Claire said...

Wow, you have been busy - esp. love the ATCs :)
Thank you for visiting and leaving a lovely comment! I do so enjoy making my dreamboards each month :) Let me know if you do back to making them - I would love to see x