Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

During this past week I have been busy shopping, going to the doctor's, reorganizing, some art and lots of reading.
I have decided to start a 100 Day Challenge, beginning tomorrow. This will take me to Christmas Eve.
I need more structure to my days so that I can accomplish more than I am. I want to create and write more, but I also need to do more to get healthy. Hence the 100 Days.
Ann Voskamp of "A Holy Experience" and the author of "One Thousand Gifts", has a wonderful tool for keeping track of habits you want to address each day for 100 days. Check here for this printable.
Habits can be changed but need time and persistence - usually 30 days is required.
So for 30 days at a time I plan to address 3 different habits and record them on Ann's sheet to keep me accountable.
For the first month, the 3 areas of concern will be:
1. Create daily
2. Write daily
3. Daily bible study
I won't set a time or an amount for the first two, but I need to do both.
Stacey Stubbitz of "Two Writing Teachers" had an excellent article about how to "create a Consistent and Meaningful Writing Life" and this could apply to any practice you want to start (art, writing, yoga etc). I plan to use her ideas to help with my daily practices.
I did create  a couple of collages this past week for challenges:

I worked on a number of ATCs this week as well:
Using Stamps
Day of the Dead

Books Read:
As I am now able to read more, I thought I would share some of the books I have enjoyed this past week:

"How the Light Gets In" by Louise Penny - This is book 9 of her Inspector Gamache series and each books just gets better and better. An excellent read

"The Life List" by Lori Nelson Spielman.  A young woman must complete the life list she made at age 14, or else she will not receive her inheritance after her mother dies. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Made me resurrect my bucket list!

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