Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 6 - September Daily Blogging

Karissa of "A Fresh Start on a Budget" is hosting an interesting challenge - blogging every day in September, by responding to daily prompts.

Today's question:   What have been the three greatest moments of your life?

Another challenging question!
The birth of my 3 children remains my greatest achievements. Each has brought me such joy. They have grown into very special people, and I am proud of all of them.

Great moments come at times of great love, overcoming challenges, facing fears. I have had many of those - here are just  a few:

*Moving out west  with a 2 year old,  to teach in Alberta, with no family around for support

*Driving again after a terrible car accident ( talk about fear - took me a year to do it)

*Remarrying at 50

*Donating a kidney to my new husband

We all have those times in our life when we remember exactly how we felt, and exactly what happened. Those are great moments, seared into our memories.


Unknown said...

These are all great accomplishments that I believe take a lot of courage! Good for you! =)

Stopping by from the link up!

Angelina | Lace Up. Lets Go. said...
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Angelina | Lace Up. Lets Go. said...

It seems like you are much stronger from each experience that you've encountered.

Becca said...

Those all sound like great moments. I remember driving a car for the first time after totaling my car at 18....I was so scared! It took me about a month to drive after the accident!