Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

I decided I finally needed a header for my weekly summary. ( First attempt - will have a final version for next week).

This past week I spent more time writing:

I had a letter to the editor of the Toronto Star published.  I write way more letters  than I submit.but the issue of "Idle No More" and the hunger strike of Chief Spence has really bothered me. These letters help me to blow off some steam.

I wrote several letters re the teacher protest in Ontario. Those were fun to do! At least we did not have to protest on Friday.

I wrote a post for Jennifer of Studio JRU. She is doing a whole series in February of  " love stories only God could have written'. It was such a joy to write (and remember).

I am still working on my picture book,  hoping to finish editing it and then to submit it by the end of the month.

I am also working on starting up my new blog "A Mother's Makeover".  I am slowly learning wordpress - not as easy as I though it would be.  But I have been making headway with my makeover journey. The first week has seen just over a 2 pound loss.


I have worked on a couple of ATC swaps this week as well, although I only scanned one set before sending the sets off.

Finding JOY
I have decided to add a little section about where and how I am finding joy each week.
It is always surprising that when you choose a word, it has a way of popping up in the most unlikely places. I find it often when I am reading.

I was swapping out a swap that I hd  held called the Christmas Zentangles., and one of the cards created by one of the artists, Shawn,  said JOY.  I was to choose one card as a hostess gift and guess which one I chose? It is lovely.

 Each night I list several things that I have been thankful for each day. This gratitude list really does help to see the joy in each day.  Ann Voskamp of "A Holy Experience" wrote an amazing book called "A Thousand Gifts". On her blog each Monday , bloggers share their gifts each week.


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Loads of creative experiments and joys here as usual. :)

Juliann in WA said...

JOY is a great word! I read Ann's book last year - great inspiration.