Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter Blogathon Bash

I can't believe I am blogging a third time today! (a first!)  I just discoverd Kathleen Garger's "Winter Blogathon Bash". Sounds interesting and something I can definitely benefit from.

The goal is to work on your blog over this long weekend. It is also a chance to meet others - always a fun prospect.

Here are my intended goals: ( I may not accomplish them all this weekend, but they are goals I intend to pursue until they are done!)

1. Write up some blog posts and schedule them
     I missed ABC Wednesday last week as I was so busy, but I want
     to contiue taking part. Scheduling makes sense.

2.  Add music
     I have tried twice and both times I was not able to complete the

3. Brainstorm ideas for my blog

4. Post pinterest
     I have already signed up but haven't posted a button ore even   
     to my boards.

5. Backup blog

6. Start an e-book

7. Add a Goodreads shelf
    I have tried this last week and it just wouldn't transfer. Must
    be missing sopmething!

8. Work on my other blog - "A Mother's Makeover"
     Lots to do there - wordpress is a challenge! (3 posts done -    lots  to go)

I am sure there are other things I could do, but will work on these first.

Join in the fun here.

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You seem to have quite a few challenges on your 'to do' list. Hope all will be accomplished and maybe even some other ideas that you feel need attended to...

Happy Monday.