Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Slice of Life Tuesday

Yesterday, which was a holiday here in Ontario, ended up being a perfect day of sunshine, not too hot and a visit to one of my favourite spots. Stratford is about an hour's drive away and we try to go there several times a summer. This was our first visit sine last August and it was  so good to be back.
We did a bit of shopping and then walked along the Thames River.

Stratford is home to the Stratford Festival, which hosts wonderful Shakespearean plays for several moths as well as other well-known plays. 

Walking along the river though is a favourite past-time. Swans, geese and ducks can be seen all along the river, swimming and coming ashore seeking food.

This year there were numerous pianos outdoors, begging to be played. It is an ambitious project.

"Eight pianos, decorated by local artists, were installed across downtown Stratford for everyone to play, commemorating the 80th anniversary of Glenn Gould’s birth"  They will be available from Aug. 1 -19. We found 5 of the 8 and even played at a couple.

We finished our day with a lovely supper and drove home, tired but happy.

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Linda B said...

We have the piano project here in the Denver area too. It's just great. It looks as if you had a wonderful day, Beverley. How nice to hear, & see those lovely photos.

wakeupandwrite said...

I've been hearing so much about these piano projects. I'm so glad you shared pictures of this special spot.

Jaana said...

Wonderful pictures! I definitely have to plan a trip to Stratford next year!!