Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Favourite, Must-have Picture Books

While blog surfing, I came across this teacher linky at "The Teacher Wife" and thought it an excellent one. As a teacher, I am always on the search for  great picture books. There are so many uses for them in the classroom. Many become mentor books for reading and writing strategies.
This being Tuesday Top 10, I thought I would take liberties with that meme and make my own top 10 picture books, especially for the beginning of the school year.

1. First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg

A fun book that helps see that even teachers can have the jitters. Great to lead to discussions of what we worry about.

Check it out here.

2. The Memory Stone by Anne Louise MacDonald

I use this book the first week of school to help children focus on a special memory and how an object can help us remember a special time.

Check it out here.

3. Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox

This is a special book about memories, love, generations, by a favourite author.

Check it out here.

4. It's a Book by Lane Smith

My students loved this book! Great way to discuss books and media forms.

Check it out here.

5. Mr. Peabody's Apples by Madonna

A gentle look at the impact of rumours and looking past appearances.

Check it out here.

6. One Green Apple by Eve Bunting

An excellent book that looks at fitting in and being different, especially for ELL students.

Check it out here.

7. Have You Filled a Bucket Today and Fill a Bucket by Carol McCloud

I start the year with these 2 books and we share ways to fill each other's bucket. This is referred to all year. It's a very visual way for kids to see how their actions and words affect others.
There is even a website to give ideas and teaching hints.

Check it out here.

8. The Golden Rule by  Ilene Cooper and Gabi |Swiatkowska

A lovely book that really focuses on how we treat others.

Check it out here.

9. The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill

Love this story about how to stand up to a bully and change the way things are.

Check it out here.

10. Who is Melvin Bubble? by Nick Bruel

A great intro to point of view and how others see us. We turned their writing into books.

Check it out here.

Linking here - be sure to check out all these wonderful books and teacher blogs!


The Meek Moose said...

I am definitely going to check out The Memory Stone and Who is Melvin Bubble?. Both look perfect for my writer's workshop lessons!

Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

Thanks for linking up! :)

Courtney said...
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Courtney said...

I haven't heard of a lot of these books so I am so excited to check them out. I love "First Day Jitters!"

Make sure to stop by and enter my giveaway

emma-alittlebitofeverything said...

I want to be the recess queen!
Loved your story in a 'slice of life' You should maybe re visit one day to remind yourself of how far you've come. ;)

4321Teach said...

I love "It's a Book." Totally asked for it last Christmas.
Thanks for sharing.