Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Weekly Wrap-up

I was able to do some art this week but in small doses. Tiredness seems to be my companion this week - as well as school stress (less than a month to Grade 3 EQAO assessments!)

It was week off from ATC creation but I've started a new monthly challenge - a sketch or drawing  a day. I enjoyed creating the collages for April but wanted something different for May.

Drawings (3 of my favourites)
May 1 - a watercolour horse, inspired from "Wild Horse Winter", a picture book by T. Honda
May 2 - a puffin using sharpie pen, from "Little Burnt Face",  a picture book by Lock and Kennett)

May 5 - as this was Kentucky Derby Day I did another horse, this one inspired by Raoul Dufy's "Ascot" painting from 1935

(This would probably count towards a "Messy" page - lol. Just had fun with the abstractness of the watercolour.

"Mess" vs "The Happy Book"
This week I just could not get into "Mess" - I did want to create and play around but nothing really appealed to me from the book (Liz Wright is holding a  book club with Keri Smith's book "Mess" - lots of fun!)
Then I remembered "The Happy Book" which I had participated in last year at Jamie Ridler's.
I still had lots to do in it  tho - so I did a few pages. Helped with the frustrations and tiredness!


Favourite colour red:

I am enjoying the shortness of the challenges - I don't have to spend  a lot of time to have some art fun.
Have a wonderful week!


Hootin' Anni said...

LOVE the artwork!!!! Well done.

EG CameraGirl said...

Small doses are better than none at all!

WrightStuff said...

I find that some days more than others I am inclined to experiment. I think our Muse just gets tired of being so dirty!