Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Slice of Life - Loss of Maurice Sendak

I couldn't believe how saddened I was to hear about the death of Maurice Sendak. His "Where the Wild Things Are" was a treasured book. I still read it to classes today, especially at Hallowe'en.

 There were so many wonderful books that he wrote.
I have used his books for so many things - reader's theatre, art, but especially for writing - whichever book I turned to, there were always lessons to be learned.

Reading tributes to him today I was made aware of what a full life he had. 83 years.
You will be missed by all those who were read your stories.



Jama said...

So sad. My daughter texted me when she heard, and I was listening to his tribute on NPR at the time. Good-bye, Maurice. Your work is your legacy.

Anonymous said...

So true - it was as if a slice of my life disappeared - an author who left his mark for generations.