Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

I have taken a long two week break from blogging. I did get away for a birthday cruise

and had a lovely time.

(The beach at Roatan)

This past week was a slow return to work and responsibilities. I now feel ready to get back into posting and blogging.

Art/Life Courses

I have started 2 courses that will run the whole year. Both focus on digging deep into ourselves and using art to help in that discovery. They are both very worthy courses.

(Check my sidebar for connecting with them)


This past week began with the making of January's Full Wolf Moon Dreamboard. I introduced the concept (rather than resolutions) to my third grade class and they so enjoyed creating their own dreamboards.

Jamie Ridler had us ask: "What am I hungry for?"

As I created my dreamboard words and inages were easy to find

In the month and year ahead I seek to pursue good health and to just "go for it". Art, books, and photography are necessary for me.

It is a wonderful life and I have to hold onto that.

I also have to really focus on decluttering this year.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back in blogland! Beautiful pictures. Sounds like you have a great year planned for yourself :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I came from Creative Every Day and really like this first look at your blog. Love the photos you took on vacation and your Dreamboard. I have also decided to declutter this year by using whatever I have on hand, rather than buying things I think I need. It's nice to meet you in blogland.

Carolyn Dube said...

Awesome dream board! Happy belated birthday - kudos on cruising!

Ginny said...

I am always so inspired by all that you do. I enjoyed looking at your dreamboard.

Tracey FK said...

I have signed up for lifebook too, though I am behind already.... the story of my life.... great dreamboard and wonderful photos... a birthday cruise sounds a bit decadent... happy birthday for when it was and glad you are back....xx