Saturday, October 17, 2009


I had almost decided I would not post on this chapter of the Joy Diet, but after reading many other posts and an article by Martha Beck this morning, I thought I needed to get my thoughts down.

I found some of the exercises in this chapter to be counter-productive (especially the one on enemies) to what I have been working toward. Somethings I already do. Brainstorming ideas has always been a process I use frequently, both personally and in my teaching. Children love it!
I found I learned more by visiting others yesterday than reading this chapter.
I had thought the creativity chapter would be joy-filled -NOT!
But then this morning in Oprah's latest edition, I read an article by Beck . She described a strategy called The kitchen Sink. Loved the idea - and it is one I already use. She also talks about "deep practice" It made me think of the book "The Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell.

Here is my take on the chapter - a collage: the kitchen sink, a bend in the road, art, music, writing, innovations - a tomato as a heart, a rake holding letters.

In all we read and explore, we are always picking up bits we can use. This chapter may not have resonated as deeply as others, but I am realizing that as I read and visit with others, creativity is being stimulated.
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Angie said...

Yes teaching is a very creative job, so you would be using a lot of strategies already. Like to learn more on the kitchen sink!
Found this weeks chapter a little challenging, I also was resisting to do some of the work, a tell tale sign that I need to do something on it! All the best with risk next week, still haven't started it yet, yikes! :)

Grammy said...

I love your positive attitude. I finally have mine back again. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Just like various spices, each ingredient has a different flavor for each of us, and we can only pick the ones we truly resonate with to add to our lives... Congrats on achieving this so elegantly!

Sojourner said...

I agree with your comment about the chapter being a little counter productive in regards to the enemies section. That exercise did not resonate with me at all because the traits of my enemies are not traits I want to bring into my being.
Maybe it is just me, but I didn't get it.
I do love creative energy though. I think it is an important process on the way to realizing our dreams and desires.
I am looking forward to Risk. For me, this will be the place I need to examine a bit longer.

Kim said...

Love how you found a way to creatively make this chapter work for you!