Saturday, October 31, 2009

Treats - The Joy Diet

This week we were to focus on "treats" as we worked on The Next Chapter -The Joy Diet.
This was actually an easy one to incorporate as I really needed treats this week and I found lots.

I was able to create (created more ATCs and had fun with photograpy), have treats (especially chocolate), read, watch TV (my fav. -So You Think You Can Dance Canada finale!), buying used books at the 50% sale at the thrift shop, have the craft club at school for Grade 4s, celebrate Hallowe'en at school, dance to Thriller with my class several times!!

Taking photos yesterday coming home from school was a definite treat. I usually don't have my camera with me at school but I did as I was taking photos of the children's costumes. It was late, as I had been cleaning desks and looking for work to mark, so as I drove home I noticed the setting sun and the beautiful sky. I just had to stop and get some photos! Talk about a treat for the soul!

Then when I arrived home the moon was out - almost full!

I had been feeling sick most of the week but those treats really boosted my spirits. (I wrote earlier about my hubby's cancer scare - he is still not out of the woods)

I also had the Day of the Dead project to write about - that was a great project. See here.


Pink Heels said...

It is amazing how the beauty we witness in natural can instantly place a smile on our face!

Nadya said...

Those sky photos are so lovely! Last year I was out with friends, & on the way home had the most georgeous sunset - was snapping photos with my phone (as my friend's hubby was driving) - yummy!

Melita said...

love it that we have treats all around us. :)

Lexington said...

I love how you were able to incorporate treats in to your everyday life. Thank you so much for sharing your week with treats.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos... isn't it amazing the treats that we so often take for granted? Bravo to you for noticing the brilliance! I'm sending warm thoughts your hubby's way....