Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Anyway Thursday!

I enjoy visiting other blogs and discovering something new. Today at Mel's "Clutter to Shine" blog, I read her list for "Thankful Anyway Thursday". What a great idea. It is similar to listing one's gratitudes.

As Holistic Mama says:

" I want to challenge myself to find the thankfulness in the, well..... the crap. The stuff that initially angers me, annoys me, depresses me, or generally makes me go, ARGH! I want to find thankfulness in confusion, stress, anxiety, and ruts."

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the events of the day. But to be able to look past these and find the small things that really do make me grateful helps.

*I am grateful for not having to have cooked today and having a date with my husband.

*I am also grateful that now I don't have to make a lunch tomorrow as I had leftovers from tonight's eat-out meal. Pizza!

*I am thankful for the book "Because of Winn-Dixie". We finished reading it in my class yesterday and we started watching the movie today in celebration.

*I am thankful that the children are loving a sweet story and want to hear another great book.

*I am thankful for support from the spec. ed. teacher and principal in regards to 2 disruptive students.

*I am also thankful that I have a great conference in Toronto to look forward to with another teacher - we started planning today. Yes we deserve 2 nights away!

I am sure there are lots of other things, but it is late and I am thankful to have a comfy bed to go to and that it is Friday (with half a day conference tomorrow!)



Unknown said...

Welcome to TaTh.

Although, the idea is to be thankful for something bad. lol :D But it's easy to be thankful for good stuff.
Like, if you have a cold - I'm thankful for the cold because it forces me to slow down.

Leone said...

Hope you slept well! I have learned that life is about balance there are always things that we feel bad about and we can always find something to feel thankful for. It's difficult when then painful things outweight the good things and we get lost in the pain but even then, I have found, you can find some small things to be thankful for even if it's the leaves turning beautiful colours in fall or a stainglass window to look through. Always some small thing to balance things out somewhat. Maybe I'll start doing Thankful Thursday.