Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"I dare Me" - Recharging your Life by Trying something new

I just finished reading this book today - and loved it and am inspired by it.

LuAnn Cahn, at age 53, was feeling burnt out, stuck and frustrated. Her daughter encouraged her to start a blog and the idea of a year of firsts began. It recharged her and brought back fun and wonder and laughter.

At age 25, I can distinctly remember telling friends that I was afraid there weren't too many firsts left. Now, almost 40 years later, I am feeling that same fear. At 25 though, I had more energy and stamina and better health. I would experience many wonderful first over the next 30 + years - teaching in the high Arctic, marrying, having children, divorce, remarriage, trips to other countries, moving to new places, trying new foods, learning new skills.

But I need to do a reboot and recharge my life. So I am going to take LuAnn's idea and modify it a bit.
62 firsts for each year of my life. That works abut to about one a week, with a few extra added in.

I will record them each Sunday, hopefully with pictures. I am excited about this new challenge. I need to let go of the fear and have some fun.


Linda B said...

Hi Beverley, I've been so busy, but have glanced at your posts-hope this book gets you going. It sounds terrific! I will look for your 'one new thing'.

Linda B said...
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