Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

It is that time of the week when I look back at what I have been focusing on creatively.

The Artist's Way

I have read Chapter 3 but have not done many of the tasks. Listing who I admire, but alive and deceased was the easiest.

The idea of being kind to oneself each day in small, concrete ways really appeals to me. It is so necessary to be kind to yourself and to give yourself permission to carve out some me time each day.

The quote "Leap and the net shall appear" is one I need to just do.

I was sporadic with the morning papers. When I do them, I do feel lighter!

This week I will get to more of the tasks and the morning papers!

My artist's date was a fun one this week. My hubby and I took in the Kitchener Blue's Fest this afternoon and had a great time. The downtown of Kitchener is blocked off to cars for 3 days and there is music at 3 different venues. We visited 2 of them.

The music was awesome, the weather beautiful and I had a chance to photograph lovely flowers and a grand old church. (see below for these photos)

While we were listening, I noticed this saying on a man's Tshirt in the row ahead of us:

Perfect quote for this chapter!

Calendar ChallengeI finally finished my August calendar for the challenge at the Kathryn Wheel.

I always thing of water in August, as many of our holidays are near water. The stars represent both stars in the sky (which I tend to notice more in August) and starfish.


I took part in a couple of swaps this week.

ATCs for a PAT - where each participant states their theme (angel, koi, shrimp, fairy)


My Giveaway Prizes

These are the 2nd and 3rd prizes for my giveaway - 2 ATCs and a tag. They have been sent on to their new owners.

These were taken at the festival. The flowers and small waterfall were in Victoria Park.

This was a watermelon a young man had carved at one of the many food venues.

This was a small statue of Mary in the garden of the church where we parked our car.


Emma said...

Some great pics here, specially that watermelon! Sieze the day is something I try to live by but sometimes I 'give myself permission' (learnt that phrase from yoga)to sit down for a minute & just be!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Very cool date!
Lovely ATCs, *smile* at the muppets.
Beautiful photography as always.

Anonymous said...

"Leap and the net shall appear." I need to learn to feel safe with that one, too. I'm facing a major life decision in the next year, and I am terrified to leap.

LOVE the Muppets!

Ginny said...

I too love the muppets. They made me smile. The photos were great. I also loved the quotes that you shared this week. "Leap and the net shall appear" especially appeals to me. It is so important to take that chance when it appears. Have a wonderful week.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very nice compositions in your photos, especially I like the last one.


Kimberly Gruber said...

great calendar pages. love your ATC's as well!

Unknown said...

Love the stars on your August pages - great idea. And the ATCs.

thekathrynwheel said...

Your August calendar page looks great, I love the stars :-) your photos are all so interesting. I really liked the muppets and that watermelon is way too good to eat!