Sunday, July 10, 2011

52 Lists in 52 Weeks

One of my favourite past times is blog hopping - going from one blog to another blog. I always discover wonderful bloggers and new challenges. Yesterday was no exception.

I discovered Kellie's blog On the Brink of Something Beautiful, where she provides a great prompt each week for creating 52 Lists in 52 Weeks. They are at Week 6, so it's not too far into the challenge.

I have been looking for some way to celebrate my next birthday, when I turn 60. I am already dreading that birthday! I want to feel more positive, but so far there are only negative feelings!

So when I saw Kellie's challenge, I thought I would adapt it and do 60 lists in 60 weeks. It will extend past my birthday but that is exciting.

At 25, I said there were not many firsts left. How wrong I have been! I want there to be many many more.

This week the list to produce is: What Do I Need To Let Go of?

I need to let go of:

1. negativity/ negative thoughts

2. my extra pounds

3. art and crafts supplies I don't use or need

4. books - I have too, too many

5. things in the house that I don't love or have a use for

6. digital files I don't need

7. guilt from the past

8. magazines - again, I have too many

9. teacher files and books I am not using

10. the feeling of not being good enough

I have started a scrapbook for the lists and will add extras as I need. I plan to catch up on the 5 other lists from Kellie's blog. What a great idea! If you'd like to join in the fun check it out here.


ChrisJ said...

Oh believe me 60 is not such a terrible mile stone. I teach a class that has mostly 75-90's in it and some of them are sharper than me! I'm 73.

Leone said...

A very productive week. It looks like fun playing with the colours. When I turned 60 I felt a sense of freedom. It felt like reaching a plateau where I could finally stop striving and trying and could be just whatever I am and not have to make any excuses any more. KInd of hard to explain but it felt like when you're sixty you have reached the top of the hill and now you can relax and enjoy the ride down. That feeling of HAVING to achieve was gone. That doesn't mean I have not learned new things over the past 11 years, it just means no one would expect it any more. I don't know if that makes sense but it felt easier.