Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Weekly Wrapup

Finally, school is done for this 2009/10 school year and I have 8 weeks to recover! (and celebrate!)

It has been a stressful year, filled with many challenges. I spent most of last week cleaning my classroom, sorting books and papers and trying to organize for fall.

Now it is time to concentrate on my well-being. Jamie Ridler's wishcasting question on Wednesday really made me think in terms of what I wanted (and needed) to do this summer. Number 1 is to make time for creating - making ATCs, photography challenges, completing my art room, working through art courses and books to improve my skills.

I began a challenge for myself (which was one of my 101 things to do in 1001) - create a collage card every day of July. Here are my first 4:

July 1sr - celebrating Canada Day
July 2nd - Playing with handmade papers

July 3rd - Queen's visit to Canada

July 4th - Queen's Plate and the Queen was there!

I have been busy as well with a number of ATC swaps for ATCsforAll. These offer just enough of a challenge and are fun to boot. I have met some very fine artists and received some great artwork in return..

Favourite Children's Books

I am continuing my work on my quote cards. Along with this, I would like to start a visual journal for my favourite quotes. A number of people have described theirs and I want to go beyond just recording meaningful quotes (which I do a lot of already).

So I have a lot to keep me busy and challenged this summer!

A lovely lady from Britain started an exchange for her 50th birthday. She wanted to receive 50 handmade postcards and in return she would send 50 back. I have already received my lovely card and am sending her hers.What a tradition to start for one's milestones! (I'll have to remember that for my 60th!)


Poetic Shutterbug said...

I think it's so cool you are making time for you and your creative pursuits. Love the handmade paper card.

Leone said...

Lots of lovely art work as usual. I hope you enjoy your summer and have lots of fun, relaxing, creative days.

Lis said...

Yahoo! Happy summer vacation! I have had this idea of creating a deck of affirmation/favorite quote cards but need to start gathering some words. So hopefully you will do yours first, print and sell them? :)

I love your challenge to do a collage card a day ... my yes, you are busy! I love the variety in your cards; seems like a great way to explore different techniques.

Keep going! You always give me a good creative jolt of energy!

xo Lis