Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ABC Wednesday - Z is for shopping

Okay - I know shopping does not start with Z! But I found 3 stores that start with Z and I couldn't resist the play on words (based on a children's book - "Q is for Duck").
In Ontario both Zellers and Zehrs are quite popular Canadian stores.

Zellers is now part of the Hudson's Bay chain. It competes with Walmart (from the States).

On the Bay's website, Zellers is described as: "... the mass merchandise retailer of the Hudson’s Bay Company and is a leading Canadian mass merchandise department store chain with 279 locations in communities nationwide."
I carry my Club Z card and collect points. I prefer Zellers to Walmart - less crowded and frantic.
Zehr's is one of the major grocery stores in Ontario which I shop at fairly frequently.
A little bit of history:
"When Emory Zehr and sons Lester and Clifford opened the first Zehrs store in Kitchener, Ontario, in July 1950, they had one overriding philosophy - put yourself in the shoes of every customer who comes through the door. That emphasis on customer service, along with a policy of offering "good value at a low price," proved a winning formula. More than 50 stores and over half a century of service later, Zehrs is today one of Southern Ontario's most successful retail grocery chains." Here is a photo from their website of the first market.

Zara is a women's clothing store on Bloor Street in Toronto. As is listed by Frommer's
"Zara is renowned for transferring the latest looks into affordable fashions less than a month after they appear on the runway. "
I just happened to see it as we were driving down Bloor to visit my sons. I had just a second to take the photo. So, have never been in - can't give a recommendation one way or the other!


photowannabe said...

Perfect choices for the letter Z. I'll bet you never gave the stores names a thought until the letter Z came up?

Leone said...

Very creative! I never would have thought of that for Z. Thank you for your comments on my blog. When children have flown the nest and parents pass on it really makes a change in our lives. So nice that you have a lovely hubby at home.
Thank you also for your kind comments about my artistic endeavors, it's funny how we don't see our own work as others see. It would be nice to look at it through someone elses eyes once in a while.
I am very inspired by what you do and love your deck of cards, can't wait to see them finished.

Q said...

Fun z!
Shopping and z work for me. Thanks for the history too.
Looking forward to round 5.

Beverley Baird said...

Thanks Leone and Sherry for stopping by.
I have enjoyed this round - but am anxious to do a complete round.

Regina said...

Nice Z.

Tumblewords: said...

Funzees. Interesting tale of the shopper stops. Also enjoyed reading your 'wreck this journal'...