Sunday, December 16, 2018

VIRTUAL Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2019

This new challenge is just what I need to spur me on to read those books that I keep returning to the library unread as I have too many I want to read and then run out of time. I keep a record of those that have been recommended and then I return.
Bev at "My Reader's Block" is hosting the VirtualMount TBR Reading Chaqllenge - the sister of the Mount TBR Challenge I have already signed up for. These are two good companion challenges - hopefully I will clear a lot of my TBR books. I am aiming for at least 26 each.(so I plan to climb Mt. Crumpit!)


a Virtual Mount TBR Reading Challenge Books for all those folks with mile-long "wish-list" of TBRs who would like a chance to climb as well. The strategy and general set-up is the same--except you don't have to own the books. Heard about a great book from a friend, took note of the title, and then never got around to reading it? Saw a book online that you thought sounded intriguing but you keep putting off ordering it up from the library? You borrowed a book from somebody and need an extra push to read it and return it? This is the place for you!

Challenges Levels:
Mount Rum Doodle: Read 12 books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library
Mount Crumpit: Read 24 books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library
Mount Munch: Read 36 books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library
White Plume Mountain: Read 48 books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library
Stormness Head: Read 60 books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library
Mount Mindolluin: Read 75 books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library
Mount Seleya: Read 100 books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library
Mount Olympus: Read 150+ books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library

[In keeping with the virtual nature of the challenge, all mountains are fictional (references in comment below). How many do you recognize? The only one shared by both TBR challenges is Olympus--both fictional and on Mars. However, since I don't know actual heights, I have arbitrarily assigned the levels.]

The Rules:
~Once you choose your challenge level you are locked in for at least that many books. If you find that you are on a mountain-climbing roll and want to tackle a "taller" mountain, then you are welcome to upgrade. All books counted for lower mountains carry over towards the new peak.

~Challenge runs from January 1 to December 31, 2019. You may count any "currently reading" book that you begin prior to January 1--provided you have 50% or more of the book left to finish when January 1 rolled around. I will trust you on that.

~[UPDATE] Just to be clear: this challenge is only for books you do not own. They may be borrowed from the library, a friend, found on a free e-book site (like Project Gutenberg), or anywhere else that allows you to temporarily checkout the book. Also--unlike Mount TBR, there is no date limit on your wish list. If you see a book online that strikes your fancy after January 1 and you just have to go get it from the library, then it absolutely counts. 

~Rereads may count if you have not read it within the last five years [my arbitrary pick for a limit].

~You may count "Did Not Finish" books provided they meet your own standard for such things; you do not plan to ever finish it; and you move it off your mountain. For example, my personal rule (unless it's a very short book) is to give a book at leas 100 pages. If I decide I just can't finish it and won't ever, then off the mountain it goes and I count it as another step on the hike.

~Books may be used to count for other challenges as well.

~There will be a year-end check points and prize drawing! [Since I'm adding an extra challenge to my round-up, I'm going to have to reduce the number of check points/prizes on all my challenges. I wish I could afford to give you all prizes!]

~A blog and reviews are not necessary to participate. If you have a blog, then please post a challenge sign-up and link THAT post (not your home page) into the linky below. Non-bloggers please leave a comment declaring your challenge level--OR, if you are a member of Goodreads, I will offer this challenge there as well. Feel free to sign up HERE if that's where you want to participate.


Bev Hankins said...

So glad you're joining me on the new challenge! Good luck with your Virtual Mountain Climb.

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