Friday, April 6, 2018

G is for Gun

I am creating art tags, using stamps that I have carved.

G is for Gun

Creating the Stamp

The Created Tag

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Cathy Kennedy said...


Art is an expression of oneself, so I appreciate your craft and talent. This isn't meant to be an argument but so often folks are missing the point that it's people who kill other people. Hopefully, these evil individuals are caught and prosecuted. Terrorists are using cars as an instrument to kill people. Do we need legislation on vehicles to keep these 3000+ pounds weapons of destruction off the streets? Not hardly or we'd all find ourselves walking or biking to work/school. I grew up in a home with guns and not one time did I ever see a gun escape my daddy's gun case and shoot up a school or shopping center, never. My siblings and I grew up to be well rouned adults with a respect for firearms and the second ammendment. The bottom line is change has to begin in a person's heart to stop taking another person's life.

Have a good day and happy A2Zing!

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