Friday, September 2, 2016

ART on Friday

The first Friday of September - has the summer ever gone by quickly.
Here are a few things I have been working on this week:

Colour Me Positive
This week at LuLuArt, the theme is travel.
Hans Christian Anderson had it right: "To travel is to live."
Travel also broadens the mind, allowing us to walk in others' shoes and see how they live their lives.

Tag a Day and New Challenge
Tara Leaver posted a new 7 day mini art project earlier this week and I started it yesterday.
We are to create a small series of artwork over 7 days.

I decided to create 7 small pieces (6x5 1/2"). Each day I plan to add a different layer until I have at least 7 layers.
I decided also, to do this with my art tags for this month - doing a different set of 7 each week.

First layer:spray inks

Second layer: stamping
Third layer: printing with bubble wrap
Fourth layer: stencilling (using a stencil with small circles) - this is a view of the tags

Tomorrow I will add torn and unique papers.Then I plan on adding used stamps, and printing with my own handcarved stamps. 
(I have also been inspired by Jane Davies with her series of collages.)

I also did a tag for ABC Wednesday this week - for H.

 Show Your Face
I decided that for September I would also sketch a face a day. I've missed that over the summer. .Kim Dellow has a great challenge each week at her blog. 

Sept. 1

Sept. 2

Zen a Day
Although I got a bit behind, I did finish my zen a day page for August.

I had to take some more flower photos today:

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Faye said...

Love the sketches of your faces. You do portrait drawing well. Your flowers would also make lovely drawings. Hope you will consider drawing them.

DVArtist said...

You have been so busy. All very nice.

Unknown said...

Love your 7 small pieces that you layered. Very creative. Thanks for sharing with #overthemoon.

Team Mom Life said...

You are quite talented! These all look so cool! Wish I had your creative gene.

Team Mom Life said...

You are quite talented! These all look so cool! Wish I had your creative gene.