Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Weekly Wrap-up

I have been on holidays the past two weeks and gave myself permission to relax and enjoy the time with my husband. We traveled to lake George, stayed in Queensbury and had several days in Saratoga Springs.
The was the first trip to Saratoga without my father-in-law for 13 years. We missed him. His spirit was there though and we did things in his memory. My husband's brother and his family were there as well and we enjoyed out time together. The racing was fun, although we made more deposits than withdrawals!

I did not do any art and only a bit of writing. But I feel refreshed and anxious to get back to routines and blogging.

I did take a lot of photos - which is creative for me. Here are a few of my favourites:

Fireworks in Shepherd's park - Thursday nights in Lake George.

It is no longer just a rest stop - now it is a "Text" stop - to encourage people to stop texting and driving!

Rosie Napravnik - one of our favourite jockeys. I even had her sign a picture of herself. 

One of the many decorated horses throughout Saratoga Springs.

The Triton Pool

And of course, some flowers!

Have a wonderful creative week ahead!

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