Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunday Weekly Wrap-up - on Monday

I have been fighting with my computer the past few days. 3 times yesterday i finally just pulled the plug and then left it over night to stew! Today I had to restore to an earlier date but it is still not fight. I have lost icons ( info usually on the bottom right and can't seem to restore those. Grr!
So, Sunday's wrap-up is on Monday.

This past week has been a busy one - writing wise. It also resulted in a number of firsts!

Weekly Firsts
I hired an editor for my first editing of 2 of my novels. I should hear by the end of next week what her recommendations are.
I took part in my first ever twitter Pitch party - through the  Women's Fiction Writers Association on Jan. 31. I had to pitch my novel "Love Has No Age" to see if agents were interested.
one was!
My first ever request from an agent for one of my novels! I submitted a query and the first 50 pages for consideration.
I am not sure how long I have to wait.
I also submitted my first non-fiction piece for a contest with the CBC - a 1200+ piece entitle "Third's the Charm".
I also submitted my first children's story for a holiday writing contest for  "Highlight's".
It was a busy week trying to get all the writing revised, edited and in proper form. Now comes the waiting!

February Calendar
I completed February calendar for Kathryn's wheel (check my previous post)

29 Faces
My daily art for February will be creating 29 Faces. Faces have always been a challenge for me, so thought this would be a fun challenge.

Feb. 1 and 2 - This was an art activity I always did with my classes -  Cut a face in half and draw the other half.


Feb. 3 This time I chose a face and then gessoed it and drew over it.

Journal 52
I have been enjoying the prompts from Journal 52.
Last week was "Building character"

This coming week it is abstract - the suggestion was to drop paint and draw around shapes. This was a fun exercise. I need to do more drawing on it though - not quite done.

I had to catch up on a few ATC swaps.


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Tracy said...

I love the 'half face' faces - a great idea! And well done with the novel. It must be so exciting to have interest shown in your work. I hope it goes well :)

missy k said...

I love the half faces too - what a great idea!

Kelly Jacobi said...

What a fun way to do faces! Your drawings have so much character and life in them.

Betty Taylor said...

Wow, you have had some pretty impressive firsts lately!! Good luck with getting your work published!