Friday, December 6, 2013

December Challenges - Day 6

Today Jamie and Shannon ask:

Whether you've been blogging for 5 years or 5 days, share with us your first post. What inspired you to start,
what have you've learned or
 how you've changed since then?
  Here is my first post:


A First - Still a few left at My Age!!

My first identity was as Bunny and John's daughter. I am an orphan now. I lost my Mom last May; my father 36 years ago. My mother's influence is still very strong. Hence the title - a homage to her.

I always said that when I grew up I wanted to be a teacher, writer or an artist. I have written, I am a teacher, but I have only dabbled in art. Well, at 57 - when will I be grown up and be an artist- if not now?

I have been following The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women blog, hosted by Jamie Ridler.
All the advice points to "Just do it. Create.".
So "do it" I will.
My first step was to create my "101 Things in 1001 Days" list. I want to challenge myself to try new things and be creative.
My second step was to start a media collage online course. More on that later.
My bravest step thus far though, is the creation of this blog, to put myself on the line.
My goal is to explore my adventures in art, education and life. .
Join me in my explorations.

Even back in March 2009, I knew I needed to do something more. Creating the blog, taking classes, creating, all helped me move past grief and discover what I truly needed.
I continue to take course, to create and to write and am enjoying the journey.
Kat's prompt today:
Today's prompt and image come from my dear friend and sister wordsmith, Alana Lawson, whose friendship, support and inspiration continues to be one of the most precious things in my life.

Alana writes:

“True wisdom lies in gathering the precious things out of each day as it goes by.”— E.S. Bouton

There are so many “precious things” that are presented to us each day; discoveries and treasures found in simple moments, memories we wish to store in our hearts and keep with us forever.

What precious things have you gathered in 2013?

Which memories from this year do you wish to keep with you always?
Memories are special. We often take pictures to remember what we were experiencing or what we saw. We want to capture  our children and family members so we have those moments always. As we look at those photos we remember the feelings and it is those that actually anchor the memories for us. Happiness, pride, sadness, even anger are relieved.
Memories I want to cherish from this year:
 times with my husband, even just simple ones of walking and holding hands
seeing my children, playing "Scattegories"
opening a card  and gift she made from a special student
receiving a ceramic plate from my class with all their names drawn on it
special words spoken by a friend at my retirement dinner
dinners with all the family gathered round
watching a play or movie
reading good books
All these add up to happiness and joy.


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Your post made me smile. I love the tone in your writing. Sounds like your memories were lovely, so charming... so alive.

Its been great to catch up with you.

Many blessings to you.

Kat McNally said...

These beautiful moments certainly do add up to joy. So very blessed you are. x

Anonymous said...

I love the 'if not now" sentiment. When *do* we get to say "ok now I am X?" you've given me something to think about, thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love the 'if not now" sentiment. When *do* we get to say "ok now I am X?" you've given me something to think about, thank you!