Tuesday, December 10, 2013

ABC Wednesday - V

It is time for V at ABC Wednesday! We are getting close to the end of this season.

For V this week I have created 2 APCs for:

Ritchie Valens - one of several rock and roll artists who was killed "When the music died" in 1959

Queen Victoria  -the longest reigning monarch in British history (1837-1901)

Love that quote - glad to be a "dangerous artist"!

Be sure to check here for how others have solved the V question.


Carver said...

Great idea for two very different V names and stamps. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Roger Owen Green said...

JUST learned that Victoria sent a letter of condolence to Mary Todd Lincoln, a mutual sorrow.


Leslie: said...

Two such different people and two such great choices!

abcw team

Hildred said...

I find the Queen's comment pretty interesting and indicative of the times.

Anonymous said...

lovely quote from the queen :)