Monday, June 25, 2012

Slice of Life Tuesday

Tonight we held the Grade 8 graduation at our school It has been a group of kids that has been challenging all through their years and a group we are not too sad to see go.
As I watched them tonight, I had many thoughts:

*The outfits: so many of these young girls were totally inappropriate - too mature, too sexy, too short. Where were the parents in the choosing and buying of these outfits?

* Three awards were not given - most based on leadership and positive attitudes. Did parents realize that none of their children qualified for these awards?

* The valedictorian gave a speech that seemed to attack the teachers and supply teachers that are at our school. And the other students cheered at mention of certain incidents.

* Where will these young people end up? I am concerned with their attitudes and behaviour and their lack of empathy.

This year we have had little school spirit at our school. We had a new principal and vice principal and the tone of the school has changed. Many of use want to bring back some of that spirit. Maybe with these gr. 8s leaving and a new batch of gr. 8s with better leadership qualities coming up,  we can recapture some of the school spirit that has been missing.

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Dana said...

Wishing these students, teachers, parents, and all a restful summer and renewed spirit next year.

elsie said...

There's always a group of kids like this. Fortunately they are not the norm and usually the class behind them steps up to show leadership. Good luck next year!

Amy Rudd said...

Hopefully next year will be better! It sounds like climate change is a necessity!

Peg D said...

I am sorry for the lack of character values of that class of kids but I am actually heartened that teachers were not forced to give out awards that were not truly earned. Here they would have chosen closest to the mark or town politics would have come into play.

Lori said...

I'm often amazed at how young girls are allowed to dress. It makes me sad. I hope next year brings a better mix of students.

Chris said...

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HeARTworks said...

It is really sad that kids today "grow up" so fast, wearing clothes that not even older girls should be wearing, and getting into relationships much too early. Parents and teachers need to be present, need to be looked up to so that kids will listen and follow their good example. Patsy from