Monday, June 4, 2012

Slice of Life Tuesday

I drive to work each day on a fairly busy 2 lane highway. I have seen animals occasionally, but most times they are on the side of the road.
On Friday as I came over a hill, I couldn't believe the sight ahead - a flock of 30 or more Canada Geese waddling across the highway. Theyhad  just reached the centre line as I came abreast of them.  I did make it by and then the highway was blocked. I flashed oncoming cars ahead and as I looked in the mirror,  I saw two long line of cars growing as the geese made their way - slowly - across that busy stretch of highway. Quite a comical sight really!

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Laura said...

Truly a Make Way for Ducklings moment.
Around my house, I've often stopped for turkey, geese, bunnies, and the occasional deer. There's a story in each of those crossings.

elsie said...

Nature has the power to bring everything to a halt. It's fun to get a glimpse of it. said...

Awww.... the geese made me smile!! :]
Thank you for sharing.
It is the little things in life, that matter most. Gives us time to breathe, reflect, remember... (sigh)
Take care.