Friday, October 28, 2011

GPP - Crusade 56: I Believe

Michelle Ward hosts a monthly crusade at GPP. This past month was "I'm a Believer". I have taken part in a number of crusades in the past and felt this one shouldn't be missed.

Michelle listed a number of questions about life as an artist. She asked that we journal about our beliefs about art and being an artist.

Most of my life I never called myself an artist or felt that I was creative. I could copy very well. I have fond memories of drawing cartoon characters.

But then I discovered Haliburton School of Fine Arts and for 7 summers, I spent a week or two with my children there and we all took courses. I took courses in basketry, silk screening, design, collage, watercolour. It made me realize that I loved to create and needed to create. I continue to take courses as I can.

Here are the questions from Michelle:

"Tell us about the artist you are. Tell us in your own way the importance of being an artist - do you have a philosophy or are you just happy to be spending time making cool stuff.?"

As I said above I have a need now to create. I know that I need to develop more technical skills.

As a teacher for 30 years at the elementary level, I know art is crucial for children, especially those who struggle with reading. They are definitely focused on the journey, the process. I really believe children (and adults as well for that matter) need to create, to make things, to draw, to make messes, to have fun.

"Are you a perpetual student and/or workshop attendee? Or are you mostly self-taught?"

I have taken a number of courses and I will continue to do so. I follow certain blogs and take part in certain challenges and lessons.

"Do you participate in swaps?"

I take part in the swaps at "ATCsforall. I really enjoy creating ATCs. I have tried different techniques and many different challenges. Creating art on a small scale isn't as intimidating and the community is very supportive.

I also take part in numerous art challenges: Shadow Shot Sunday, ABC Wednesday, Wishcasting Wednesday, Skywatch Fridays, to name a few.

"Do you find time to work daily or do you squeeze in a precious few moments whenever you can? "

I try to create several times a week. I know I should be drawing daily to improve my skills but haven't the time. For the month of November, I want to take part in AEDM at Creative Every Day. It is a great challenge every year.

" Do you have a studio space or do you work at the dining table? "

A little of both. I am slowly creating my studio, although I still do art at the dining room table.

Tell us about what you do, have done, and aspire toward. Do you paint canvases? Make books? Make jewelry...ATCs...Ceramics...Knit? Our need to be creative usually spills into several arenas - let us know more about you by spelling it out for us on a journal page.

These are the journal pages I created. I really believe that art needs to be a big part of our lives.

I have always been involved in crafts - I have crocheted afghans, made Christmas ornaments and decorations every year, tried new crafts.

I especially enjoy now creating:

Zentangles, Collage Tags and Cards

(My favourite subjects are skies, macro flowers, trees and water)

These next few pieces were done with a watercolour course and watercolour/collage course done at Haliburton. Following an instructor made the challenge a bit easier. I would definitely love to do more watercolour.

Mixed Media Collage

This piece was created at another week long course here in Cambridge. I learned new techniques and the instructor kept pushing me to go further. Loved the final result - a homage to my Mom and her roots. This is the direction I would like to explore more of.

As I get closer to retirement (1-3 years), my dreams of spending more time creating get more and more real. When I grow up (or enter the next chapter in my life!) , I want to create daily and teach art to children. They are such a joy to work with.

As I look back on my journey, I need to acknowledge that, yes I am an artist, one who is still growing.


michelle ward said...

Bev - nice to see you! Wow - this post took alot of work. Lots to write and lots to show. Thank you for doing this, and sharing about your relationship with art, and being an artist. Teaching art to kids as a retirement goal: LOVE THAT.

jgr said...

Hi Bev, what a great post, so much beautiful art!!
Thank you for the inspiration!

TJ said...

Wow Bev, I love Crusading because every time it's so much fun connecting with other creative people.

Great job interpreting the challenge, how cool that you get to teach art and help children on their creative journeys...

I LOVE trading ATCS. Let me know if you ever want to do a swap!

Best wishes for all your happy creations, tj

Barbara Marie said...

Hi Bev, thanks for sharing your diversified artistic talents. Your ultimate goal sounds very rewarding!

Lis said...

Lovely glimpse into your world :) I can relate to your interest in many creative fields ... I always find anything I investigate is fun and fascinating and I want to do more. (hence my habit to accumulate a wide range of art supplies!)

I also keep returning to the pure joy and experimentation that kids bring to creating - no rules! It is liberating and inspiring. I know you have much to offer as a teacher/mentor/fellow journeyer. So nice to reconnect! Happy Autumn!
xo Lis

PocketSize said...

Love the big-picture view of your creative life. There are so many arts and so little time! Your work is beautiful, and I wish you the best in enjoying more time to be creative :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing so much information with everyone. I love the photo - that sky is quite spectacular.

Unknown said...

I love the light streaming in your window. It must be fun to sit there 'playing with your toys'.

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, wow, you've really honored Michelle's challenge thoroughly, here, and it's wonderful! I think this was exactly what she had in mind for the challenge. You've given me lots of food for thought, even though I've completed the challenge after lots of food for thought! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself. I may exercise this challenge again.

Cat Stegall said...

popping in from seths blog--love your honesty and the mixed media piece of your go miss artist!!