Monday, October 17, 2011

Multitude Monday - Giving Thanks

Giving thanks and showing gratitude regularly is a practice that has woven in and out of my life. I have kept gratitude journals many times and I have found that when I keep it up, I am more upbeat, more optimistic.

While visiting several blogs recently, I discovered Ann Voskamp, the author of "A Thousand Gifts". The idea of creating "a list that never ends" really spoke to me and I have decided to join "Multitude Mondays", starting my list of what I am thankful for this past week.

I am grateful for:

1. my husband, who shares everything and always supports me

2. my children, who are independent, loving and kind and my pride and joy

3. my extended family of step-children and grandchildren and in-laws

4. our cat Fluffy, who at 19, is still going strong and is so much more affectionate in her old age

5. having a teaching job and still loving teaching after 30 years

6. a finished renovation project, as of yesterday

7. the gal from work who drove me Friday because my car did not start at all and to the mechanic who was able to fix it so quickly yesterday without a huge cost

8. the beauty of the fall colours and the gorgeous weather we have had in October

9. having time for art and reading

10. music and dancing

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wonderful things to be grateful for, and some lovely pictures :)

Hope all is well with you.