Monday, September 12, 2011

Full Moon Dreamboard / The Artist's Way

Chapter 5 The Artist's Way:

Time for Our check-in for this chapter - Paula has been hosting this book club and I am finally making headway!

I enjoyed the tasks in this chapter. The virtue-trap quiz was a real eye-opener. I found issues of guilt, fear and self-esteem still percolate below the surface. The lists were a good exercise as well. I do have many wishes and desires and need to work toward these.The morning papers are still not done consistently - more as I need them. They do help get rid of the negativity though.

My artist dates the past few weeks have been my photography

(Favourite subjects

- Fluffy, our 19 year old cat. We have a new name for her - our Walmart greeter!



and creating my art cards.

I am also enjoying teaching art at school. I love helping children bring out their creativity.

I must apologize for not visiting blogs and leaving comments. It has been a hectic return to school and there is just not enough time in the day anymore. I will get back into a better routine soon I hope! Thanks so much to all those people who do leave such lovely comments - I really do appreciate them!


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

It is great that you took the time to put your pictures together. Love your post.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Even your board´s layout represents balance! :D
Those lists could show a lot of what we have been wishing for but not saying.

Anonymous said...

Oh believe me, I completely understand about not having the time for blog visiting. I've been having a pretty difficult time keeping up with it, myself. Good for you, though, getting in your creative time AND keeping up as best you can (which sounds great to me) with the Artist's Way journey, even with your work and other obligations. These things are what matters. After all, that's why we're all here in blogland, sharing together and cheering each other on, right? To continue following our bliss! So yeah, as your dreamboard says: "Anything is possible!" and I second that!