Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

Rowena of "Warrior Girl" has begun a challenge to countdown to Christmas, in a creative way.

This takes me back to the yearly Advent trees I created with my children. Each day would open to an activity that we would do together. We decorated the tree, baked cookies, made ornaments, visited Santa, made a wreath, made a gingerbread house, just to name a few of the activities we did.

I had read a story by Madeleine L'Engle,"Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas" many years ago and I always loved what they did to prepare for Christmas.

There were always several advent calendar: the homemade tree for our activities, a felt one I made with a tree -ornaments were pinned on each day, and a chocolate one for each of the children.
Each day was special and always ended with a Christmas story.
The joy and anticipation of the season has been missing for a couple of years. I went through the motions. Losing my Mom made celebrating very difficult.
This year though, I feel the need to countdown daily, and try to bring that joy back. A time to anticipate the Lord's birth and share love and peace.

Today is my daughter's birthday. I always called her my Christmas baby - now she is a young woman of 26! Where has the time gone!
Dec. 1 was always a time to celebrate her birthday. It was the first window opened. Tonight we sang happy birthday to her and we talked for a while. I love you dear daughter!

I also sent off gifts of ornaments for Louise Gale's swap and a Secret Santa gift as well. Making those gifts and sending cards has begun the building of lovely feelings.

We received our first Christmas gift today - a tin of cookies. A nice way to start December.

Check out Rowena's blog for her Creative Countdown to Christmas. I will be doing an activity a day, sometimes creative; but no matter what, it is a chance to build joy.


Unknown said...

Awesome way to start the Christmas season. Love it.

ChrisJ said...

I really was a Christmas baby. Born right on the day. People often ask if I mind -- but no! I always got two presents -- still do, at 73 -- and I've always thought it was rather special.
You were very creative with your Advent Calendars. We had them too, but not as much fun as yours.

Rowena said...

Such a lovely story! Did you see I made my first thing an advent tree? The first one I've done, and I decided on activities, because I'd rather give my kids the memories, the celebration and the time with mama and papa than a bit of candy.

Plus, I added you to the sidebar.

Can't wait to see what you come up with.