Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

It's time once again to showcase shadow. It used to be that I tried to avoid shadows- now I seek them out.

One of my favourite subjects -Fluffy, our 18 year old cat, enjoying her regular napping place in the sun!

A few shadows around the yard as well.

And our neighbour;s car - I loved their hanging basket.

Be sure to visit the other great shadow-chasers at Hey Harriet, hosted by Tracy.


Unknown said...

They are all lovely shots, but being a cat lover I would have to say that Fluffy is my favourite

Sylvia K said...

Love all your shots as always, Bev, but I, too, love Fluffy and his/her shadow! So cute! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


A Wild Thing said...

18 years old...WOW...what a beautifully ancient kitty, she must get lots of love and vittles...sweet shot!

robin. said...

love the kitty shot...i'd like to take a nap in that shadow right along side of her.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

we agree with Sharon - 18 years - amazing!! She looks like she's loved all of her 18 years so far!
Enjoyed reading about your strawberry moon dream boards - we actually just learned about the strawberry moon today...funny that we again saw it her :)
Have a great week coming up!